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Connecting Authentically is one of the key components of Grace's vision and Life Groups exist as a our primary means of accomplishing that purpose. In Groups, we hope to see the family of God living as the family of God by developing meaningful friendships in community

Group Directory

How To Join A Group

  1. Select a group from the directory above. You can filter for "category" for all one gender or age group. You can also filter for day and time, and if children are welcome.  The only "type" available is small group.
  2. Click "request to join" the group and wait for the leader to contact you. 
  3. Go to the Group - Depending on the group, there might be other new people there as well. Do what you can to initiate with people and get to know them. 
  4. Initiate relationships beyond the official gathering. Being part of a Group is great, but meeting up with people 1 on 1 is a fantastic way of getting to know people faster. Real community does not just happen one night per week; the sooner you begin to take part in initiating meaningful relationships the sooner it will happen! 
  5. Be patient! Everyone is a work in progress and nobody or group has it all together. Every Group is filled with broken people. The longer you invest in a Group the more meaningful each week will become.

How To Lead A Group

Life Group leaders must be hospitable, teachable, repentant, faithful, and committed to their own growth as disciples of Jesus. Our Group leaders are ultimately the ‘lead disciplers’ of a group of people as they seek to come alongside them in community and gracefully shepherd them towards Jesus, towards mission, and towards multiplication as individuals and as a community. Contact   if you are interested or have questions about stepping into leadership.