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A Matter of Perspective

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As Elders of Grace we wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we have been praying deeply for you and our church family as we journey through this unprecedented time together. Each day it seems, brings news that is more alarming than the day before. We find ourselves struggling with isolation as we physically distance ourselves from family, friends, and our church community. The reports of scarcity, impending financial hardships, and a looming healthcare crisis, can fill us with fear, desperation, and feelings of hopelessness.

All of these emotions are real, are a part of being human, and we as Elders are not immune from their effects. However, like many of you, what we have discovered is that our ability to endure the stress of this current season is centered around our “perspective”. Answers to questions like, “Is our world coming to an end?” cannot be answered. Yes, our world will eventually come to an end, but what gives us peace is our perspective. A perspective of shifting from the eyes of fear to the eyes of faith.

In Numbers 13:27-28, the Israelites sent a party to scout out the Promised Land. The members of the party came back with conflicting reports. Some stated that the land was full of giants and the land could not be taken. They were fearful. Others saw a land of bounty, a land of milk and honey. They were faithful that God would deliver the land. All members of the scouting party saw the same thing – the difference was their perspective. Our perspective affects how we think, feel, and act in stressful, difficult situations.

All of us in this country, and the world, are facing the same unprecedented time of stress, discomfort, and anxiety, with no idea of what the future will bring. But, like Caleb, we want to have a perspective that God is faithful and will deliver us through this trial to the other side. This journey will not be without hardship and pain, but our perspective can allow us to project an attitude of generosity where others see scarcity, an attitude of calm where others see anxiety, and an attitude of peace where others see fear. Whatever perspective we have, it is contagious!

So here at Grace, let us continue to have a perspective of faith. Let us continue to help and love our neighbors.  Let us continue to find ways to stay in community. And where others in fear see “giants” that will destroy, let us, in faith, see the promise of a God who will provide peace.

With Blessing and Affection,

Grace Elder Council:
Brian Benard, David Butler, Bill Heaton, Jerry Powers, Ron Rossello, Keith Shippy, Phil Thurston, Bob Underwood, Danny Vandenham, Des Wadsworth, Ben Weiss