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Singles, Couples & Young Parents

A new place for singles, couples and young parents to connect at Grace!

We are a community of adults – mid 20s to early 40s – in a wide variety of occupations and family situations who are united for the purpose of challenging each other to grow richly in our relationships with Jesus and each other, and to advance His Kingdom here on earth. 

We believe there's no such thing as a “lone wolf” Christian. God created us with a deep need for belonging and connection with others who will support us through the hard times, and celebrate with us when things go well. But it can be difficult to make new friends and create common bonds on top of all the pressing responsibilities at work and at home. Catalyst exists to offer an environment where rich, honest and meaningful relationships can be built with people who are in a similar place in life. 

If that's what you're looking for, then we would love to meet you at Catalyst! We gather as a big community every Sunday morning at 9:45am, then during the week in smaller Life Groups at various homes, and throughout the month for events, outings and service projects.




Join us on the South End of Worship Center porch for a time of fellowship, food and fun.


Go deeper in relationships and in God's Word by joining a Life Group led by one of our Catalyst members. 

  1. The Career + Life Group meets Mondays from 7 - 9 pm and is open to singles and couples. Meetings rotate weekly between members' homes, so check their Facebook Group for the next meeting location.
  2. The Cords Life Group meets Tuesdays at 7 pm and is open to couples and singles. For all who are located in the central to north valley, we meet in the Biltmore area discussing the Word, work, and our daily place in the story of Christ.
  3. The Kreutner Life Group meets Wednesdays at 7 pm. They aim to foster fellowship, develop friendships, and support each other as we grow in Christ. Singles and couples alike are welcome!
  4. The Brusnahan Life Group meets Wednesdays from 5:30 - 8 pm. A meal is provided in hopes to grow and connect with one another prior to worship and discussion. This group consists of married couples and families of all sizes.
  5. WELL (Women Engaging in the Lord's Love) meets Thursdays at 6:30 pm in Mesa. The WELL is for young women to meet in a safe space each week to encourage and pray for one another, read God’s scripture, share our struggles, and be reminded of our identity and purpose in life. WELL stands for women engaging in the Lord’s love and comes from the story of the woman at the well who was not perfect, but Jesus offered her living water despite that. All ages and relational and spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

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