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Current Series

Unleashing Grace

International Weekend 2016

At Grace, we have the privilege of being able to support nearly 80 full-time Global Outreach workers who are ministering all around the world. International Sunday is our opportunity focus on what God is doing through their ministries.


It's often the small, unseen things in life which lead to the big, visible differences that inspire us and the people around us. For us to experience the big differences, we must begin by focusing in on the small things and ask God to bring about those changes in each of our lives.

Christmas At Grace 2015

When you choose to follow God's will, expect the unexpected to happen. Such was the case for Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and others that God chose to use as part of the miracle of Christmas.

There's More

Regardless of how far we've come, we believe that God always has more in store for us. In this series, we look to the life of Elisha for examples of situations that appeared difficult, but where God said, "there's more."

From The Heart

How do we engage God with all of our heart, in worship through singing and other methods? How do we as God's people cry out to Him in prayer from our hearts and not just our minds? This series addresses both of these topics.

Who Is Grace?

Grace is a family of people who love Jesus and who exist to Grow richly, Reach intentionally, Adore passionately, Connect authentically, and Engage wholeheartedly.