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Sunday Classes

Our Adult Classes provide the best "getting to know each other" opportunities at Grace. We study God's Word, plan dinners and events to foster friendships, and use our skills and gifts to connect with and serve others. The contact person listed can give you more detailed information. You are welcome to visit any of the classes to see which one would be a good fit for you.

Classes Meet on Sundays at 9:45am

Adult Disability Class | Room J-1 | Glorine Johnson 

Adults with disabilities (mentally or physically challenged) are led by experienced volunteers using a Bible-based curriculum to help attendees learn about Christ's love and how to apply His truths to their lives. A goal of this class is building friendships and having fellowship with one another each week. (18+)

Early Christians | Lamb Chapel | Doug Meyer Email  

A chronological walk through the Bible, utilizing hermeneutical principles and an in-depth look at historical context.  Senior adults enjoy class activities including social events, and participating in caring for the sick and homebound. (65+)

Family Class | Room E-108 | Harold Martin   

Parents may bring their entire family to hear teaching designed for all ages. A rotating group of fathers do the teaching – intentionally focused on developing godly leaders while training parents by modeling and practice. 

Growing Disciples | Room E-202 | James Stone 

Collaborative study that engages a committed group of people who genuinely care about each other, and make you "feel at home." (30-60's)

Growing Strong | Room E-204 | Eric Toennies   

Parents of young families encourage each other to grow strong in Christ through this stage of life – with a focus on discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, worship and serving. (20-40's)

LifeBuilders | Student Center | Ken Rhoades 

Alternating quarterly studies of Old and New Testament books, using a lecture and discussion format. Significant emphasis on prayer and support for Grace global outreach. (30-80's)

Living by the Power of the Holy Spirit | Room B-3 | Kevin Seacat 

Begins November 3.

Momentum | Davidson Center | Janet Seegren 

Being committed to the fact that interacting with Scripture changes one's life, the teachers of this class prompt discussion by asking questions that personalize each Bible passage. (30-80's)

Singles Alive | E-201 | Jan Nunez  

A diverse group of mature single adults with a common goal of going deeper in the Word through discussion and prayer. (50-80's)

Scripture Walk Apologetics Training | Room E-203 | Hermann Weidemann Email

Can you communicate why you are a follower of Jesus? Does God really exist?  What is truth?  Come ask questions and practice answers in a friendly environment while learning to define terminology and connect with people through relationships and logic. (18+)

Spiritual Growth | Room E-204 | Tom Wendt

Begins October 13.